Friday, October 28, 2016

Theodore Roosevelt

By:  Evan R. (4th Grade)

          Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States.  During the Spanish American War, he helped Cuba get its freedom from Spain and charged up San Juan Hill in Cuba with the Rough Riders volunteer cavalry regiment.  Throughout his career, he worked to make life better for working people. 

          Theodore was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City where he grew up in a wealthy family.  His parents were Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha.  He had one sister named Anna.  He loved natural history, hiking, running, and boxing.  He was a sickly asthmatic child although he got better with exercise. 

Theodore went to Harvard University where he met his future wife, Alice, who at first refused to marry him.  They had a baby girl and named her Alice after her mother.  However, tragedy struck two days after the birth when Theodore’s wife and mother died on the same day.  Theodore was devastated and asked his sister to take care of his baby, Alice, and he went to the American west to work on a ranch as a cowboy.  He went back to New York in 1886 and got married soon after to Edith Kermit.  Edith and Theodore had five children. 

Theodore got a job as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  In 1900, he became Vice-President to President William McKinley.  In September of 1901, President McKinley was assassinated, and Theodore became president.  As president, Theodore was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for stopping arguments between Russia and Japan.  In 1904, he ran for president and won a second term. 

During his presidency, he worked to make life better for working people and was also known for his work in conservation and created new national parks, forests, and monuments.  Today, his face is included on the side of Mount Rushmore.  His contributions to society can be summed up in his famous words, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

While He Was Sleeping {A Modern Sleeping Beauty Story}

Once there was a baby, a beautiful baby with long eyelashes, and his name was Cony.  His dad was the President.  When everyone gave their gifts to the baby, two terrorists came in and said, "On the boy's 30th birthday, he will be shot with a magic dart.  Then, as fast as they came they were gone.

Cony grew up to be a kind man and became the President, but on his 30th birthday the White House was under attack.  Everyone was yelling, "White House down!"  While everyone was running around, Cony was shot with the magic dart.  As soon as he was hit with it, he went to sleep.  When his parents came to him, they fell on the ground and hugged him, and the spell was broken.  Love broke the spell.

Written by Evan

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Do you like magic?  Well you should read the book Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.  My [favrit] part is when Harry is getting flying [lisons] and his [freind] Nevel [Logbottom] [losis] control of his [brom] and falls off and [brakse] his arm.  This book is [grate] [becase] at the end Harry [defets] the dark [wiserd] lord [Vordmort].  I would recommend this book to any [secod] - fifth [grad] kid that likes magic.  This is why you should read the book Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

Written by Evan ~ Second Grade

Titanic - The Makers

In 1906 a British company the Cunard Line launched two new very large ships.  The ships were big and fancy.  They could cross the Atlantic in close to six to five days.  They were the biggest and the best ships.  Big ships that carried passengers and traveled on the open seas are called ocean liners. Some years later, news of the magnificent ships had spread around.  These big ships were being built for the White Star Line.  These ships built by White Star would not be as fast as the Cunard ships, but they would be bigger and fancier.  Some people called them floating palaces.  One of these was the Titanic.

Written by Evan

My Favorite Game

I think ever one should play the game dragon city.  The game is for [fone] and kindle.  It is super fun because you can level up your dragons to [hire] levels so you can battle [agint] other players and there dragons.  You need to have three level four dragons to be [abel] to battle and you need a farm so you can grow food.  There is a regular farm.  There is a medium farm and there is a big farm.  If you don't have a magic temple then you can only [levle] up your dragons to [levle] ten.  If you have a magic temple then you can [levle] up your dragons to [levle] fifteen.  There are also [tipes] of dragons.  There are Rock, Fire, Water, Nater Litning, Snow, Metel, Dark, Sun, War, Puer and Legundery.  So there are twelve kinds of dragons.  To get dragons you need gold and gems.  You also need [expreens] to unlock new dragons.  You need ex to level up.  If you do you unlock new dragons.  It takes a lot of ex to level up.  I'm only on level fifteen.  There are also places where you can win dragons.  There are three temples and you can win dragons.  This is why I think you should play the game dragon city.

Written by Evan ~ Second Grade

My Favorite Video Game

You [shold] play battle ship.  It is a video game for the Wii.  You [shold] play battle ship because it is [challing].  It is [challing] because there is so many [levals] and the last one is really hard.  You [shold] also play battle ship because it is so fun because you can battle [alen] ships.  This is why you [shold] play battle ship.

Written by Evan ~ Second Grade

Book Review - Pierre the Penguin

I think every one should read Pierre the Penguin by Jean Marzollo.  I think this book is very interesting.  It is interesting because a penguin lost it's feathers.  It is also a very exciting book.  It is exciting because Pierre grows back his feathers.  This is why everyone should read Pierre the Penguin by Jean Marzollo.

Written by Evan